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Grooming usually involves someone being nice to you to build your trust over time. They do this so you agree to do sexual things with them.

You do not have to do sexual things with someone. It is grooming even if sexual things have not happened.

Someone who is grooming you might:

This is not OK. Grooming can happen to anyone of any age. Grooming generally happens when an adult encourages a child to do sexual things. Grooming can happen in person or online. Grooming is different from dating.

being nice
gift giving
oral sex 2
oral sex
oral sex 1
sexual intercourse
sexual abuse
anal sex

It is generally illegal for someone over 18 years of age to:

to someone who they know or think is under a certain age. This is usually under 16 years of age in each state and territory. In South Australia and Tasmania it is usually under 17 years of age.

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Page last updated: April 26, 2023