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Court Orders

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It is not OK for anyone to make you feel afraid. It is not OK for anyone to abuse you. It is not OK for anybody to control or threaten you.

If someone is doing this and you want them to leave you alone, you can apply for help from the court for a family violence or violence restraining order.
physical hurt
emotional abuse
equals object
against law
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restraining order
A judge may make a rule that this person is not allowed to come near you or contact you in any way. For example, they may not:
restraining order
or object
equals object
police officer
leave me alone

If you are under 18 years of age and want to apply for a court order you can.

Sometimes a parent, guardian, or police officer will need to apply for you.

Sometimes a parent, guardian, or the court may also need to consent for you to apply.

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Page last updated: April 26, 2023