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How To Use This Website

This website is for everyone to learn about their rights and the law.

are rules about how everybody should be treated fairly.

Laws are rules that help protect everyone. If people do not follow the law they can get in serious trouble.

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How to use this website
For you to know This website has a lot of information. This website has information about sexual health, and relationships. This website will tell you about:
Using this website

When this website talks about the law it will use a pen symbol.

When this website talks about facts it will use a lightbulb symbol.

If a word is bolded it means you can hover on the work to see a definition. This word is also included in the glossary.

Help with this website
You might like to look at this website with someone you trust. If you have questions about information that you read on this website you can ask someone you trust. There are organisations listed on this website that can also help you. You can contact them to ask for help or ask questions. Their phone numbers are on this website.
For support people to know

Important things for everyone to know