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Most people who have a will menstruate. This is also called having a period.


You can choose
how you manage
your periods.


You can choose
to use pads.


You can choose to
use period undies.

You can choose
to use tampons.


You can choose to
use a menstrual cup.

menstrual cup

Sometimes there is pain or discomfort with periods.

You can choose to
use heat packs on
your stomach or back.

heat pack

You can choose to
take pain medication.


If you have concerns about periods, you can talk to your doctor or health professional.


You have the right to choose if, when, and how to manage your period. You can choose to manage your period cycle with such as the oral contraceptive pill, contraceptive implant, or an Intrauterine Device (IUD). Some people manage their period to stop pain or skip their period. Contraceptives also stop you getting pregnant while you use them.

implant clothed

Having your removed is called a hysterectomy. 

This means you will never:

equals object
not pregnant
periods stopped


If you want to have your removed to manage your period, the law says you need to have .

Capacity means you can:

Everyone is presumed to have capacity. You can be supported to make a decision. You can talk to your doctor or other health professional about your options. You should not be forced to have a hysterectomy.

If you do not have capacity to make decisions about your health, a legal guardian will need to apply to the appropriate legal administration group or court in your state or territory for you to have a hysterectomy.
This surgery will take some time to arrange.

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