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Being Yourself

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Your body belongs to you

You have the right to make choices about your body. Here are some examples.


You can choose the food you eat.


You can choose how to wear your hair.

formal hair
creative hair


You can choose which exercise you do.

team sports


You can choose what clothes to wear.

active wear
male clothing
female clothing
cultural clothing

Eating healthy food and exercising can help you be healthy in your body and feel good in your mind.


You can choose the people that you want to spend time with.

walk together

As you get older there are more choices you can make to live a healthy life


You can choose who touches your body.

body female
body male
equals object


The law says that when you are 18 years of age and older you
can choose to drink alcoholic drinks if you want to.

over 18

Illegal Drugs

The law says illegal drugs are not allowed and that you should not use, sell, have, or buy them. Medicine from the doctor, pharmacy or supermarket are legal drugs. It is important to take medicine exactly as your doctor says. Do not share medicine with anyone else.

no drugs

Drugs and alcohol can affect your decision making. They can also be addictive. If drugs or alcohol are causing problems for you, you can get help from your doctor or someone you trust.

Feeling Good

People feel good about themselves when they take care of their bodies.

feeling good

Your thoughts are your own. You do not have to tell anyone what you think if you do not want to.

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Page last updated: January 30, 2024