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If You Are the Victim of a Crime

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Reporting Abuse

If you have experienced abuse you have the right to tell someone you trust.

speak to
trusted someone

You have the right to tell the police about what has happened to you.

You can take a trusted person with you when you go to see the police.

speak to
police officer

If you like they can help you:


A victim support service can help you through the legal process.

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The National Redress Scheme

The National Redress Scheme is for people who were sexually abused when they were under 18 years of age and being cared for by an institution.

There are different types of
institutions such as:

You can apply for money, counselling and a response from the institution where the abuse happened.

sexual abuse
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Disability Discrimination

It is against the law for you to be treated unfairly because of your disability. You have a right to be treated fairly in all areas of life. This includes where you work, where you live, your education and services.

If you think you have experienced discrimination you can talk to someone you trust. You can also make a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission. Someone you trust can also make a complaint for you.

For more information about making complaints you can call the Australian Human Rights Commission’s National Information Service on 1300 656 419.

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