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Sexual Pleasure

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Pleasure means feeling happy or good. There are many ways to feel . Some ways are by kissing, touching, holding hands, watching , masturbating, or . If something does not make you feel happy or good, you have the right to stop or say “no”.


You have a right to touch your own body by yourself or with a consenting partner. is a private behaviour that you do in a place. Masturbation may involve touching your nipples, genitals, or any other part of your body in a way that feels good. This is called .

masturbation female
masturbation male
equals object
private place

Everyone has the right to enjoyable sexual relationships only when all people give their consent. Sexual activities are private behaviours that you do in a private place.

sexual activity

There are many ways you can masturbate. You
might use your:

sex aids

If or is painful you have the right to talk to your partner,
doctor or someone you trust about it.

ejaculation pain
vagina pain
equals object
trusted someone

Personal hygiene after masturbating is important.

This means you should:

wash hands
put in bin

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