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Consent and Your Rights

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Consent is very important for all .

People have to want to say yes and feel yes signs in their body. Yes and no signs in the body feel different for everyone. It is important that you know what they feel like for you.

Consent means that you are OK with something you want to happen.

You can say yes or no with your words or your body language. Not giving consent can sound like: “no” or “stop” or “not yet” or “I am not ready” or not responding.

Not giving can look like: shaking your head, not making eye contact, freezing, or pulling away.

no eye contact_
no consent
no consent unsure

If you say no with your words or body language during , the other person needs to stop what they are doing.

If someone does these things or says these things to you, you need to stop what you are doing.

You have the right to change your mind.

You can say yes and then no.

You can say yes to one thing and no to another thing.


Rules, laws and feelings are a part of sexual consent.

The law says for sex to happen, all people need to:

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