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Consent in Relationships

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is very important. It is another way of saying “yes” or “I am OK with that” or “I agree.” 

Consent is when all people in a relationship say “yes” to something.

is freely given and can be taken away at any time.

equals object

should be something people want to give. You want to be happy about giving consent and for your partner to be happy giving consent too.

If you or someone else is confused or unsure how they feel, this is not .


If you feel pushed or pressured into something this is not consent.

If someone threatens you to give consent that is not consent.

People cannot give consent if they are:

If you worry a partner or friend will leave you if you do not do what they say, that is not .
If this is something that has happened or that worries you, speak to someone you trust.

If someone threatens you by saying they will hurt themselves or someone else if you do not agree, that is not .

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Page last updated: January 30, 2024